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Ms.: UNICEF Releases Report on Female Genital Mutilatio

IOL: Anger Over Gender Pay Disparity    

Ms.: Saudi Women Vote in First Election with Female Candidates

Bangkok Post: Abuse of Women, Children Soars

UN: Forty-Six Countries Will Miss School Gender-Equity Goal at End of Year

Chicago Tribune: High Court Upholds Waiting-Period Abortion Law

Reuters: Afghanistan: Calls for an End to Violence Against Women

AlterNet: Iraq’s Female Leaders-In-Waiting

NY Times: Plan to Dissolve Nation’s Only Public Women’s College Stirs Debate at Rutgers

Supreme Court Takes Up Abortion Case

The Supreme Court will hear arguments tomorrow in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, a case involving a New Hampshire law that prevents doctors from performing an abortion for a young woman under 18 until 48 hours after a parent has been notified. The law prevents a doctor from treating his or her patients, even when a medical emergency threatens their health.…

Al Jazeera: Don’t Bomb Us

Staffers at Al Jazeera have created a new blog with a message to the Bush administration: Don’t Bomb Us.

If you’re not familiar with Al Jazeera, check out Control Room, an excellent documentary about the Iraq war, with an emphasis on Al Jazeera’s coverage.

It’s worth noting that Josh Rushing, the Centcom spokesman in Control Room, recently accepted a job with Al Jazeera.…

Bush Shuns Global Warming Conference

Canada’s 10-day UN climate control conference began yesterday, with 10,000 experts from 180 nations discussing how to slow the dangerous effects of greenhouse gases and global warming. Kicking off the conference, Canada’s Environment Minister Stephane Dion said climate change is the single most important environmental issue facing the world today. Guess who didn’t bother to show up?…

House Bill Forces the Poor to Work More

The massive budget bill that essentially starves the poor would also require some two million welfare recipients to increase their hours of work, training and community service. The cuts for food stamp, student loan and medicaid programs have been covered by the national media, but the changes in welfare requirements have been largely ignored. The bill would require welfare recipients to spend 40 hours a week in activities out of the house, substantially more than they do now.…

Buy Nothing Day?

Where were you at 5:00 on Friday morning?…

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