We have all heard about buying blue and supporting companies that support Democratic Ideals.  We also need to be supporting companies that support Equality.  HRC has an index where they use different measures to score companies.  The measures include such things as non-discrimination clause for sexual orientation and gender identity, diversity training, charitable contributions and GLBT advertising.  Since I know everyone doesn’t belong to HRC, I decided to share their letter.  Please pass this information on to anyone who believes in Equality for All People.

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The holiday season is upon us, and as many of us head to the stores and the shopping malls, we’d like to give you a very tangible way to support equality with every dollar you spend.

The Human Rights Campaign’s Buyer’s Guide gives you the information you need to support companies that support equality. The guide utilizes the groundbreaking research and advocacy of the Human Rights Campaign’s Workplace Project to give you the tools to effect corporate change in your everyday life.

Shopping at Banana Republic or L.L. Bean? Filling up the tank at Shell or Exxon? Fighting the mid-afternoon snacking urge with a Balance Bar or a Power Bar? Our buyer’s guide will let you know which products and companies to support and which to avoid. Click here to download your complimentary buyer’s guide before you begin your holiday shopping.

We are proud to say that corporate America is leading the way to fairness and equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in offices and boardrooms around the country. By offering domestic partner benefits and implementing inclusive anti-discrimination policies, workplaces are rapidly becoming a fairer place for all employees.

However, it is still legal in most states to fire a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employee for no other reason than who they are. Many companies still have a long way to go toward equality for all employees. You can help turn the tide by making informed decisions about the products you purchase and the companies you choose to support, especially during this busy shopping season.

Together, we can help effect real change in workplaces across the country.


Joe Solmonese
Human Rights Campaign President

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