I am running against Mike Pence for Congress in Indiana’s 6th.  This is not asking for money, or announcing some initiative, or a PR effort.  
I am angry, I am disappointed, and I am appalled.
I reference the 11/28/05 US News and World Report
where Congressman Pence wants Iraq to be more like Football. I am angry.

It’s 50 or 60,000 US vs. 2000 them.

See Below

This is from the US News and World Report Whispers Section
In the Body Count War: U.S. Wins 25-1
Frustrated GOP lawmakers are desperate for President Bush to do more to show how troops are winning the war in Iraq, and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has an idea: Tell how many insurgents the U.S. troops are killing, not just the American death toll. “This is football season,” …… “People want to know if we’re winning or losing . . . what’s the score.” Fresh from a trip to Iraq, Pence says he knows the score: just over 2,000 Americans dead, compared with 50,000 to 60,000 enemy combatants.
To reduce the death of American Soldiers, following orders from a group that mislead them into war, to reduce the death of the innocent Iraqi children, and all that lose their lives, to reduce the ending of a human life to a football score for political means, shows the true colors of a person.
I myself am a Christian, and Congressman Pence’s  statement is not Christian.  This is an example of what Jesus would have called, The Pharisees.  I say this because US News and World Report also quotes Congressman Pence on his opening line of his speech following Tom DeLay….”I’m an evangelical Christian,” and got a hearty applause.  This is from an article titled Courting the pro-Israel vote.
He claims Christianity in Word but his actions show otherwise.  That is The Pharisees.  I am disappointed because Indiana can do better.
I am not writing this to start a religion, non-religion, ID, evolution war.  I am stating that I am a Christian Pastor of a Church, and I am against a Neo-Con Radical that wants to Keep Score and lead cheers with dead bodies as if a sporting event, while claiming to be an Evangelical Christian.   I am appalled.
2000 to 50 or 60,000!   Let’s keep score with human life!     Isn’t that a little in conflict with Christianity?  How can one claim Pro-life and be so Pro-Death?
How can one claim to be pro-child and Chair the RSC and pass anti-education, anti-foster care measures? As exemplified with the budget passed as if by thieves in the night.
Does this represent the 6th District?  No, and we are going to show that in November of 2006, and make history.
Does Congressman Pence and keeping score with the dead, represent you?
Yes, this is the point where I should ask you to go to the website, and make a donation to fight him.  But I’m not.  If you feel strongly about doing that, you will find out how, and I say thanks, but that is not what this is about.
Instead, I want to say congrats to fellow candidate and Fighting Dem, Dave Harris, who I have shared some thoughts with.  He deserves the exposure he is getting, and I applaud his service, and all who honorably fulfill their military time, and sacrifice for our nation, and look forward to working with Dave in the 110th Congress.
What I am asking:
This attitude the Congressman displays, needs to be brought to light in the world, and that can only happen through the blog community.  Our troops, and those in Iraq that felt death despite not inviting war, should be more than a political point on a propaganda scoreboard.  I know they are to me.
Barry Welsh IN-06

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