Emily at Powell’s and I have been e-mailing back and forth. Turns out I wasn’t the only person who wanted to feature The Undercover Economist: Exposing Why the Rich Are Rich, the Poor Are Poor–And Why You Can Never Buy a Decent Used Car!
by Tim Harford.

Both the publisher and the distributor for the book got slammed with orders, and are hurriedly printing more copies! (The book is being featured in promos for this coming weekend’s C-Span2 / BookTV.org.) Powell’s nabbed five copies this morning which Emily promises you’ll get at the promised 30% off. More are coming to Powell’s, and you’ll be put on a waiting list if you don’t get one of the last five copies.

Here’s the link to my original story about this intriguing book by a Financial Times columnist who helps everyday people figure out the guerilla marketing techniques of Whole Foods, Starbucks and Amazon that make us tend to spend more than we knew we were — along with my ode to Emily’s excellent customer service, which is such a rarity in today’s Internet businesses.

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