Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was a principle architect of the “Reagan Revolution,” as an assistant secretary of the Treasury during that time. He led an assault on “keynesian” economics that led to the ascension of “monetarism,” a view of economics that has come to dominate in the current globalist, free market theory capitalism of floating national currencies.

So what was Dr. Roberts doing on talk radio last week, sounding every bit as strident and defiant as your run of the mill BooTribbing Daily Kossack?

Did he really call for international war crimes trials for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, et. al.?

Did he really say that?

Uh, yeah.

Perhaps Boo should consider running more features on the growing list of well known conservative dissidents. They seem to me capable of making more profoundly damning statements about the failure of this administration than any number of notable liberal/progressive dissidents ever could. Statements that will resonate more successfully within the uneasy minds of the Rebumblican faithful, who are always only a recession away from abandoning conservative “principles” anyway.

They are out there, some hiding under rocks maybe, but some becoming bolder as the bumbling by the administration grows ever more noticeable by a small but growing legion of the formally-committed-to-anything-Republican Republicans, who now seem to be experiencing a very belated and long overdue case of buyers remorse about the primate in chief and his tragically simple minded view of the world.

For heroes, as Steven D has pointed out on the front page, are not that many and often stem from unlikely places…

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