Twenty years after the worldwide ban on commercial whale fishing, Japan continues to kill whales under the pretense of `scientific research.’  In defiance of  pleas for mercy  from the rest of the world, the Japanese kill and eat hundreds of whales every year.

One of those American companies that claims your trust as a consumer is Gorton’s of Gloucester which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of a Japanese whaling company.  This year Japan has announced plans to double the number of whales it kills, including the endangered fin whale, and next year they will hunt the humpbacks.

Gorton’s has a heartwarming website where you can meet their employees and share fish recipes.  They don’t offer a recipe for whale flesh.  There is a suggestion box where we can perhaps reflect some shame upon them.

Greenpeace offers an online letter to the CEO of Gorton’s that you can sign onto here.   Please help put some pressure on this company.

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