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Thu Dec 01, 2005 at 12:27:10 PM PDT

I’m a cynic. Be happy this mindless windbag is now on pay for view status.

I’ll give you a taste of his idiot blathering:

“Americans are increasingly cynical about politics and their parties.  Only 24% of Americans say the Republicans represent their priorities, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and only 26 percent say the Democrats do.”

One other morsel:

“Finally a brackish tide of pessimisim has decended upon the country.”

Then his sermon ends with a stern reminder:

“What’s at stake in Iraq is not only the future of that country, but the future of American self-confidence.  We may have to endure a cycle of skepticism before we can enjoy another cycle of hope.”
Mr. Brooks, I have two words for you: Shut Up!

Here’s why I am a cynic, Mr. Brooks. I am a cynic because you are a coward. You should know better than to write this holier-than-thou crap about the American people. We are like battered and beaten survivors of the most grotesque five years in the history of this great nation.

Five years of lying.

Five years of deceit.

Five years of sound bites.

Five years of exploding deficits.

Five years of tax cuts for the wealthy.

Five years of neglect.

Pessimism, you fool. I’ll tell you about pessimism.

Pessimism is being abandoned by your government–remember Katrina?

Pessimism is going without health care.

Pessimism is 46 million uninsured.

Pessimism is The Worst President Ever.

Pessimism is the Medicare Prescription Drug Scam/Giveaway to the pharmaeucetical industry.

Pessimism is a President worse than Richard Nixon.

Pessimism is crap or non-existent body armor for our troops.

Pessimism is a President who is too isolated, too small, too foolish to meet with Cindy Sheehan. Ms Sheehan has more patriotism in her little finger than you or your President have in your entire bodies.

Pessimism is idiot “Plan for Victories” in Iraq mouthed by a man who doesn’t even know what he’s reading. Are you going to treat us to a serious dissertation about that crap in your next column?

I’m a cynic, Mr. Brooks, you’re a coward. How about some truth? Why not some straight talk about the horror of incompetent and deceitful governments?

We can deal with the facts, Mr. Brooks, it’s your shameless bullshit that’s going to bring us down.

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