It was stunning to hear Bush quote Sen. Joe Lieberman (d-Conn) in his propaganda speech at Annapolis. Yesterday, Lieberman appeared on Don Imus‘s radio/MSNBC show. A couple times, Imus questioned Lieberman’s sanity and sense (see the Crooks & Liars video). (Say, do I have to put a D next to his name? It should at least be a small d, don’t you think?)

Now this from David Sirota:

Moveon Considers Backing Primary Against Lieberman

The Hartford Courant reports today on how Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) continues to self-servingly pursue an image of Bush administration apologist on the Iraq War. For years, Lieberman has stabbed his party in the back on high-profile issues – but now, finally, Lieberman may have overreached, and might feel some consequences.

The Courant specifically notes that now openly says it will consider supporting a primary challenge to Lieberman: … Read all.


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