So, it’s all coming down to it. I gotta vacate the premises. Yeah, they are going to hand me a nice check because the value of my house has gone up quite a bit…but I still gotta vamoose. I will definitely be around off and on tomorrow. And I might manage to touch base wit y’all on Friday. But from Saturday until Tuesday I am going to be radio silencio. No interconnectivity whatsoever. Totally cut off except for frantic phone calls to Susan.

And then I gotta set up the Boo (sort of) bachelor pad and put everything in its place, and settle in, and get a feel for the new lifestyle. I gotta explain to the real BooMan where his bisquits are and where I keep his chow. He can’t operate without a firm understanding of these things. I suppose I couldn’t either.

I’ve been on this site nonstop for 8 months. I’ve never been cut off for more than 24 hours before. So, make sure Shirlstars and Diane101 are doing well, and don’t let Man Eegee make off with all the chorizo. I hope MilitaryTracy’s health improves and Brinnainne gets through all her hassles with the finances. Supersoling better make sure the Giants smack the Tuna on Sunday.

Susan can always get in touch with me. And if Fitzmas comes early, I’ll be logging in from Starbucks or the library. To jpol, StevenD, and Jerome, thanks for all the help and support. And to Susan? Well, she’s Susan. She knows.

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