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The above map was published by Le Monde a couple of days ago. It shows the expected consequences of global warming by 2100.

See below for the translation and a few other pics.
The legend of the map:

  • rising waters
    flooded coastlines
    submerged islands
    main coastal cities
  • increasing temperatures
    less than 0.5°C (0.9°F)
    more than 3°C (5°F)
    more than 5°C (8°F)
  • extension of deserts
    damaged land
    threatened land
  • melting ice
    melting polar caps
    glaciers retreating
  • flora and fauna
    displacement of biogeographic areas.

And a few local maps:

average cumulative loss in ice thickness of glaciers in Patagonia

hazel trees (on the basis of temperature increase of 3.6°C/6.5°F and doubling of CO2 levels)
red: current area, will have disappeared by 2080
light green:: current area, will still grow in 2080
dark green: new area of growth in 2080

robusta coffee: current area of growth (yellow), and area of growth if temperatures increase by 2°C (3°F) (red)

Bangladesh: areas flooded by a 50cm (20in) rise in water levels / a 100cm (40in) rise. Water is expected to rise by 40-50 cm by 2100. It went up by 1.8mm per year this century, but 3mm/y since 1993

If you have a subscription to Le Monde, here’s the link

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