Florida had been on tap to be the next state where the state’s science educations standards were to be reviewed, with an eye towards accommodating intelligent design theory in the classroom.  But a funny thing happened on the way to theocracy.  Follow me over the fold.

UPI is reporting today that the science standards are not going to be reviewed in 2006 after all.  The official line is that delays in reviewing math and language arts standards have necessitated the postponement of review of the science standards.

And, conveniently, this postpones the evolution debate until after the election to select Gov. Jeb Bush’s successor.  But state officials deny any political motivation.

Both leading Democratic candidates oppose teaching intelligent design theory in science classes.  One Republican candidate said it could be taught in science class, and another said it might be offered in an elective class.

So I’m somewhat torn – It’s good for the sake of the kids to see Republicans backing away from their zealot wing, but I don’t want them to have so much distance from the theocrats that the “anchor effect” (as in “when your enemy is drowning, throw him an anchor”) is lost.

Maybe their new language arts standard will explain the etymological origin of the term “the jig is up.”

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