Prophet John Foundation Church
Welcomes you to the Powerful Healing Services.
We are inviting Christians from allover the world to come and visit our church in the powerful healing Sunday services during the month of December 2005. Bring the sick, those with brain damages, the deamon possesed, lame, unemployed, cursed, leprosy, asthma, deaf and dumb and those suffering from Aids. No matter what you have gone through Come and experience the miracles and power of God and then take back the good news home. Prophet John Foundation Church is located in the heart of Kampala City. Come in Nakivubo Settlement Primary School and ask for city centre main hall.
Why don’t you give yourself a try! Come and meet Jesus Christ for He has got an answer and a solution to all your problems.
Please send us your prayer requests for a special prayer. We are ready to pray for you even via the phone from wherever you reach us. God bless you Brother and Sister.
Here is the full address of the church:
Prophet John Foundation Church
P.O. Box 29248, Kampala – Uganda
East Africa.
Tel: Pastor Samuel Nsubuga +25677415884
Pastor Lincoln Joel Nsubuga +25677610441.
Home Page:

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