I used to lash out angrily. Now I try to post peacefully.
My stomach is in knots right now. I am so spitting mad about today’s news and this war’s cost to families all across the country.

The unit’s latest losses were among 14 new deaths in Iraq announced by the military Friday. With at least 793 American lives lost since January, 2005 appears on track to become the deadliest year for the troops since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003. There were 846 deaths in 2004, and 485 the previous year.

Altogether, at least 2,124 have died since the beginning of the war, according to an Associated Press count.


In the past, I would rant to whoever was in earshot, send angry e-mails to my conservative friends, and place outraged calls to my liberals ones. But what does ranting do?

Today at least I can take some solace in the fact that a month ago, my wife and I took some action and created these peace dove car magnets. They carry the message I most wish everyone who votes or has a finger to call or write our Administration would repeat. And repeat. And repeat until it happens.

How does selling friggin’ peace car magnets make a bit of difference? It does for me personally because through taking this smallest of actions, I no longer feel powerless about a sometimes hopeless situation.

Will this car magnet ever influence anyone in power to eventually brings our troops home? Probably not. But the words on it can if enough people see or hear them. I urge you to get the message out any way you can and don’t stop shouting it until we get our troops safely home.

Peace positive always,


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