[From the diaries by susanhu. Perhaps Mr. Boma was inspired by my December 2nd tome on “Taking Christ out of Christmas“? I’ll pray with you, Mr. Boma.]

The secular humanist left is at it again. While the upstanding religious folk have been fighting the blasphemers in their attempt to take the Christ out of Christmas, another threat has slipped by under the radar. I am, of course, talking about the effort to take the Cross out of crossing.

It is clear the devil worshipping, atheist, liberals are behind this effort. We all know that the left lacks any new ideas, so they have simply repeated themselves by replacing everything Christian with the letter X, as if they are symbolically x-ing out all religion. By now, we are all familiar with their blasphemous “Xmas”, but now the secular left has replaced the Christian cross with an X, creating the bastard term “Xing.” They are evil twins: Xmas and Xing, and we must fight back.

Perhaps you have seen a sign like the one at left? If you haven’t yet, I’m sure you will soon. These signs are springing up everywhere. Follow me across the break to see more examples of this quickly spreading evil.
A quick Google images search turned up more examples of this festering blasphemy:

It isn’t just for humans that they have taken the cross out of crossing:


It is time we put an end to this. I am asking everyone to start tearing down these signs anywhere and everywhere you see them. Write to your city councilman (that’s right, liberal left, councilMAN). Write to your local newspaper op-ed pages. We must not let this continue. Please, help put the cross back in crossing.

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