There appears to be no follow up on the obvious implication that the  bribery of  U.S. Congressman Cunnigham by the MZM Company and other companies like it is widespread and involves more congressman, senators and active military officials. Reports of corruption in the military and government are reported as isolated incidents rather than being investigated as part of a larger conspiracy involving private security firms, contractors, high ranking military officers, politicians of both parties and corruption of the corporate news media. Seymour Hersh has indicated that the military in Iraq, especially among Colonels is widespread
Yesterday the NYT featured two articles, one by faux liberal nit wit buffoon Dexter (Wolverton Mountain) Filkins which explains why the insurgency is so hard to defeat. Darn! The article painfully explains that the insurgents are all made up of small groups. Is there anyone who did not know this?  As if most insurgencies attack in large heavy armored battalion sized groups!

This “news report” from a “reporter” based in Baghdad implies that if the insurgents were brave men like our soldiers and they had a supreme leader like our soldiers  (Bush) we could have “defeated” them easily. Does Dexter mean a leader like an Osama Bin Laden? Well, he’s still doing ok isn’t he?  This meaningless article, derived from the hardened MRE excrement of a U.S. Army general, is entirely vague, empty. suppositional and symptomatic of making nothing new into “something news”.  

Then there is yet another article in the NYT by Edward Wong ( showing balanced coverage) about “challenges” and  “progress” in Najaf.  The New York Times has replaced Judy Miller with more Judy Millers. They have not changed one bit.

There is little to no coverage on the great news conspiracy of planted government propaganda stories in Iraq and planted stories in newspapers and television outlets. No one is bothering to put the whole picture together. Even Maureen Dowd of the NYT asks the question if anybody going to do anything about this. But she herself is not attacking her employer with any ferocity.

The whole war is fake. Nothing about it is real. There are no foreign terrorists, not really.

Of 1,300 suspected insurgents arrested over the past five months in and around Ramadi, none has been a foreigner. Col John Gronski, senior officer in the town, Anbar’s provincial capital, said that almost all insurgent fighting there was by Iraqis. Foreigners provided only money and logistical support.


1,300 arrested and not one is a foreigner. I wonder if even one suspect was an insurgent. Look at the language of the above quote from the Daily Telegraph. Note, that not one suspect was a foreigner. Yet the Colonel goes on to say that almost all insurgent fighting was done by Iraqis. What does he mean “almost all”?” Not one insurgent out of 1300 means not one insurgent, it does not mean “almost all fighting in Anbar are Iraqis”. It means every damn person fighting in Anbar province is Iraqi and not one in the past 5 months has been a foreign fighter. But we are told about Al Queda of Iraq and how the attack in Jordan by “Al Queda in Iraq” shows that the foreign fighters are spreading.

Of course it’s just a coincidence that the Israelis staying at the hotel were allegedy evacuated prior to the blast and the Palestinian intelligence chief was killed at the hotel in Jordan along with Chinese officials he was meeting with, while the Sunni wedding party was blown up from bombs hidden in the ceiling and the lady whose bomb did not go off was rescued by her suicide bomber husband and escorted out of the room by him so she could be saved and then he went back and blew himself up. Oh well. Anyway, 1300 is a pretty definitive sampling.

Fox news spent an entire Saturday night with “Iraq-the untold Story”. This two hour long propaganda presentation showing Iraqi’s swimming, at a wedding, buying air conditioners and electric generators, walking in the park, demonstrated that people are swimming, getting married, shopping, eating watermelons and driving cars. All things that they apparently couldn’t do under Sadaam Hussein. One Iraqi women standing with her daughter says, “I want my daughter to marry an American”. The daughter blushes. But to show balance Fox news shows another women who says, “I think the Americans should leave”. Joseph Goebbels Nazi minister for People’s enlightenment and Propaganda is now echoed by Bush and his propaganda machine in a Goebbels statement made 50 years ago when he said:

: “Propaganda? Certainly! Good propaganda for a good cause!” We advertise for our own ideal, and therefore we fight using all good means to make good propaganda to win the soul of our people.”

The Bush administration has become fascist. America has become a fascist nation. Outright, unrepentant lying, deception, corruption of military and public officials, kidnapping, disappearance and torture of anyone remotely suspected of being in opposition to it’s goals, glorification of the military while it abuses, murders, kills, maims with it’s own Weapons of Mass Destruction in the form of Phosphorous and Napalm.

America is in total contradiction of itself. It is having a nervous breakdown. If America were to be personified it would be a 6’6″ insecure, angry, paranoid male body builder named Butch who lives with his mother, works as a bouncer in a strip club and is in love with a stripper from Romania named Nadia whose is really 16 and hates Americans. Butch continues his clumsy, oafish, awkward advances in spite of her refusal because Butch knows what’s best for Nadia. But Butch is starting to get  angry. He’s not going to put up with this bitch forever. She better come across. She’s not going to make Butch feel like a fool.

So George Butch Bush is starting to look a little like Butch. And Nadia a victim like Iraq. America is starting to look like Butch. Just ask John McCain who doesn’t like the appearance of weakness. What will Butch, I mean Bush, I mean America do? Will it come to its senses? Will Bush adopt the strategy of his father and compromise?

What is Bush’s psychology?

In fact Bush only feels comfortable when he’s hated and feared. He revels in being hated by those who claim he is incompetent and dangerous. He wants to show THEM, one way or the other,  NOT that he’s competent… but that he is the greatest incompetent fuck up ever to have been born! That will show them. That’s their punishment for making him feel like a screw up all these years. And since he’s president now, we can all imagine just exactly what it could mean.

 All the attacks on Bush  just reaffirm his own image of himself as a person who has always been rejected as incompetent and dangerous by those who have been close to him. Rejection in the form of being unnacceptable is what he seeks, what he craves. It is the only thing he feels comfortable with. It is what he grew up with. It’s what his family and especially his father always told him. They told him he was a danger to the family name. He punished them by continuing to screw things up, by threatening them with his bad behavior. Now he is a danger to the nations name. He is intent on ruining the name of the nation if it and the rest of the world don’t respond to him exactly the way he envisions it should.

Reports that the president does not make himself available to opposing views on Iraq are probably correct. Congressman’s Murta’s statements about a withdrawal are a reflex ion of what the military wants. The military brass by all accounts hates Bush. They realize there is no war in Iraq. They realize that their presence is utterly meaningless. That they are involved in a charade of patrol. Their actions accomplish nothing. The invasion and destruction of Fallujah and Tal Afar were meaningless exercises invented not for military purposes but for political purposes. The political purpose is to satisfy the delusional view of the Whitehouse that there is a war on Terrorism going on. What is going on is there is a war against American Occupation, a war between Sunnis and Shiites, a war between secular elements against the government and America and a struggle between the Kurds and the Shiites and the Kurds and the Sunnis. Americans are in the middle of it all pretending that they are some how involved in what is going on in Iraq. America is largely a bystander in Iraq, watching the battles going on and occasionally sticking it’s foot quickly in and out of the battleground and then claiming it is rendering a central role (especially if the foot gets blown off).

Bush is a simple person with a common malady. He hates his family. He hates primarily his father. A father who once supported Sadaam Hussein, then allegedly was a victim of an assassination plot by Hussein against him. (This plot it turns out, was not a plot of Hussein’s).

He is doing everything the opposite of the way his father did in order to show his father that his father was wrong all along about him as a screw up and a danger to the family name. His mother it seems is the only one he will talk to anymore in the family. So the reports say. She is apparently supportive of him and subversive at the same time.

Bush becomes more resolute as the world turns against him. This is what Seymour Hersh has recently reported in the New Yorker in an article entitled “Up in the Air”.

“The President is more determined than ever to stay the course,” the former defense official said. “He doesn’t feel any pain. Bush is a believer in the adage ‘People may suffer and die, but the Church advances.’

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