A lot of words have gone down on this site in the last few days, on my diaries and others and I thought I would offer my day after view of all this.
Seems that Diane101 popped her cork, and I am hoping that you won’t hold it against her as she rarely does it. There are times when one must stand up and say their piece for what they feel is right and just…That’s what I did..
In the rough and tumble and heat of the moment I admit to over reacting at times, took some people’s words wrong; I also heard a lot of good people stand up and speak the truth, I changed some of my views of this site, reinforced other views I already had…
I am offering an apology to anyone who’s words I misunderstood and took offense from as I reflected on it all I think I may have a time or two…You all know I am sure that in the heat of moment and the flying comments, things are said that are not your best words, other things are said that are good words and they should be said, cause someone has to.
Anyway I thought a lot about the makeup of a place like this and finally came to the conclusion that it’s like a neighborhood bar…you have all kinds of people, you have the happy bunch that hangs out by the bar, usually chipper and laughing, and that would be the cafe…they are also usually the peace makers and they come flying when they see a fracas here or there.
Then you have the group over in the corner, talking politics, starts our calm but before you know it the voices get louder, then faces get red, next thing you know someone get shoved, others rush to help, blows are thrown….oh you know, how that goes.
Then you have the people by the pool tables, the ones playing are all business, at least I hope they are when I am playing them, and don’t want to be bothered with the shouting and shoving in the corner, they just want to play the game in peace…hard to do with the happy crowd getting happier and louder and the fighting crowd getting roudier and louder, but they plug on with the game until someone from the fighting crowd bounces into them during a big time shove, then oh boy, you got problems…
Well you get the picture I hope, and really boils down to we are just a great big group of all kinds and temperments of people, varied education levels, various belief systems and so on and they just simply are not all going to agree on hardly anything, hardly ever.  
So what do we have, a mini democracy, where the majority rules and life just seems to break down in that way.  Except in the bars we don’t have elections, it’s just the people and I have seen over and over again how the groups manage to control themselves, mostly due to the vast numbers of moderately tempered folks (the majority) who almost always keep things in check, that is unless the bar is invaded by a band of hells angels..self government.
Bottom line is most of the time the bar is big enough and generous enough for all to exist in and celebrate community, other times it’s not, but it’s all part of the twisting and turning of our path through this life, it all smooths out in the end.
So I love you, all!!!
Gift baskets for all!
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Ok, that enough from me, want to share your reflections and or wisdom along these lines.

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