Here’s a November Iraq poll the Republican and Democratic parties didn’t want you to see – so you never saw it.  CNN/USA Today/Gallup says 52% of Americans want all U.S. troops home by November 2006.  And this poll was taken weeks ago – before Rep. Murtha came out against the war, and before so many of us learned that 80% of Iraqis want us out now and 45% want our soldiers dead.

Along with listening to the Generals and the troops, Rep. Murtha may have been thinking of this poll when he said “The American people are way ahead of us on this” the following week – in his November 18th speech, and House resolution, to end the war.

Note that this poll was “leadership free,” with the Congress finally coming around only now.  Last week all of my Congresswomen – Woolsey, Eshoo, and even Pelosi – decided to publicly support Murtha’s resolution.  It’s time to tell your representative to do it: for our nation’s security, and our troops’, the wise plan is to be out of Iraq in 2006.

Poll details below – and, take it yourself!
The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll asked:

“Here are four different plans the U.S. could follow in dealing with the war in Iraq. Which ONE do you prefer?  

  • Withdraw all troops from Iraq immediately.
  • Withdraw all troops by November 2006 — that is, in 12 months’ time.
  • Withdraw troops, but take as many years to do this as are needed to turn control over to the Iraqis. OR,
  • Send more troops to Iraq.”  


  • Withdraw now – 19%
  • Withdraw by next November – 33%
  • Take as many years as needed – 38%
  • More troops – 7%
  • Unsure – 3%

 Nov 11-13, 2005. Options rotated.  N=1,006, MoE ± 3.

19% Out Now + 33% Out by November 2006 = 52% of Americans want Out of Iraq in 2006

The official administration backspin is, since Americans don’t want an “arbitrary” timetable, people can’t really be supporting this view.  Heck, none of us would risk lives on a calendar or stopwatch – plans should be based on achievement of results.  

But the poll also shows there isn’t a single Bush security objective that most Americans consider achievable.  Iraq has been the worst case of “mission creep” in history, and the people have caught on.  Now they want a realistic mission that won’t change.  Here are some achievable goals Americans could meet before leaving:

  • Confirmation of No WMDs threatening us
  • Saddam in custody and his sons dead
  • Constitution written, signed and ratified
  • Parliamentary elections held
  • Fewer than 2500 Americans dead

By December 15th we’ll have achieved them all.  I guess if that last one isn’t important, there’s no rush.

So, surprise!
On Iraq, the majority of Americans are either with Feingold – who advocates an exit by December 2006 – or they’re to his left, in a bigger hurry.

It’s obvious why no leader in either party called attention to this poll at the time.  Neither political party represents this majority yet.  Could there be one smart enough or democratic enough to do it?

In fact, this isn’t a partisan movement – it’s grass roots: hawks like Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), who know and care the most about the troops, have joined the majority of Americans; versus people who trust Bush or still pretend we’re bringing peace and security to Iraq.

If you’re with the majority, demand representation.  And if your representative is a hawk, ask why his children aren’t in Iraq, and why he doesn’t value the troops’ lives as much as Reps. Jones and Murtha do.

We may as well take the poll here too:

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