We know who we are. All you have to do is look up any blogger’s page for recent comments and the interval of time between each. Some of us are logged on almost all day everyday. Shame on us!

Is it a coincidence that we are reading about marriage breakups, bankruptcies and other spin off effects of addiction?

I am truly not here to embarrass anyone.  Truly. I have experience in these matters, well, except for bankruptcy. Three marriages. Married to business more than any single wife or the children. I am condemning this behavior but only because I have lived it. We can dress it up any number of ways: Political activism, death battle against the extreme right, whatever. A junkie is a junkie and junkies know the truth about our addiction, whichever form it takes.

In fact, I suspect that if the most cherished, hardcore Booman junkies would simply relax their policing of the overall narrative content of this site, there might well be an influx of newbies (or emigres from other places) unafraid to state their thoughts in straightforward, simple declarative fashion, controversial or non controversial as they desire, satirical or dead serious as they desire, without the the pressure of becoming overly compelled to couch in equivocal language, and endless modifiers. In other words, creativity might break out!

The greatest danger to progress is too much sameness.

It appears to me that there is (unintentially to be sure) a cabal of “purists” who seem to scan diaries non stop with the sole (and no doubt good) intention to make sure this site doesnt descend down the path of the almighty kos monster. Keep it civil. Keep it where we want it to be.

Yes, thats right. We are attempting to stop this so-called descent into Kosdom using the same hectoring, censorious techniques (I know this will be reflexively denied all around–I got banned for being a prick not for making my point, you will say)used at the orange monster from which many of us, ironically, were descended.

“Don’t be a prick” is ostensibly the only watchword here. But is someone necessarily a prick for pointing out uncomforting truth, or trying too quickly to make a complex point, or just flat messing up an occasional riposte? A prick is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s prick may be another person’s pussy. And do we really want to be a site of pussies?

Is a cherished, hardcore Boo-ite necessarily NOT a prick for calling someone who disagrees with them a “moron” or worse, as tends to happen not infrequently here? The amount of invective generally flows strongest from the inside out. HAHA. I can vouch personally for that. 😉

Relax junkies. Lighten your grip. Boo needs growth in membership to be successful. I dont know him but I am sure he wants to be successful and yet doesnt want to alienate the hardcore. Its a tough situation. BT needs its own identity (I think that is the real point of the ongoing BT v Kos flame wars).

If we continue to strangle the site it will remain “pure” for the few, but will serve to sew the seeds of eventual failure, through a self induced starvation of new ideas and people. And that will mean eventually the bar will close altogether for everybody.

I know this topic is verboten, I have been warned repeatedly already. Still, I consider this something that needs saying. Shoot the messenger if you must. He’s grown well accustomed.

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