Here’s an OPEN THREAD for rants, beginning with the master of rants, Chris Floyd, columnist for Moscow Times and St. Petersburg Times, who also published “Death Mask: The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq” in the Dec. 2 Moscow Times.

Today, in “Pit Boss:George Bush’s Empire of Torture,” Chris Floyd writes that “Mark Follman of proves an excellent Virgil in this harrowing tour through the sulphurous pit of George W. Bush’s vast torture Hell. Bush has wrought a work of genuine evil in America’s name, systematically and deliberately infecting society with moral corruption and subverting the very nature of law itself in an attempt to escape responsibility for his crimes.

“I’ve been writing articles about Bush’s use of torture since January 2002. I don’t know what else to say about it. When I look at Bush’s face — however well-scrubbed, tanned and carefully made-up it is — I can no longer see anything but oozing pustules and smears of blood, the ugliness of his spirit turned inside out. …” (Read all, including excerpts from the Salon piece for non-subscribers.) OPEN THREAD: RANT AWAY!

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