Keith Olbermann, the best newscaster EVER (or at least so far in the 21st century), gives us his Worst Persons in the World.

I always think that people like this are a lot more sex-obsessed and secretly kinkier than the rest of us “loose” people:

It’s time for “Countdown‘s” list of today‘s three nominees of the coveted title of worst person in the world. The bronze winner is Ferrell White. F-e-r-r-e-l-l. Not Feral, F-e-r-a-l.

He‘s the building official for Spring Hill, Tennessee. He has ordered a hair salon to remove lewd language from an advertisement in town. The ad is for products called sexy hair concepts.

The lewd language Mr. White says, is the word sexy.

Some people are vicious about dishing it out but would scream bloody murder if it were done to them — Ann Coulter seems to think it’s alright to bash an actress who disagrees with her. This is an issue I mentioned on December 2nd, referring to a Crooks & Liars story:

There‘s an issue that never arises for our runner up tonight. Ann Coulter.

A twofer. She posted the personal phone number and e-mail of a blogger who was critical of her. And she called other groups which disagree with her, “Nazi block watchers”. You know, she explained.

They tattle on their parents, turn them into the Nazis.

Then there are the fomenters of phony issues:

But the winner, and this one comes with great personal pain because we were friends when he worked here and thereafter, John Gibson. Selling his new book about this phony baloney war on Christmas, John revealed a very ugly side to himself. He is one of those people who think all religions but his are mistaken. You know, the way a lot of these religious nut bag terrorists think.

I would think, Gibbie said on a syndicated radio show. if somebody is going to be—have to answer for following the wrong religion, they are not going to have to answer to me. We know who they‘re going to have to answer to.

I‘d tell you which religion, John, thinks is the only one that‘s right, but what‘s the difference? It‘s not the faith that‘s the issue. It‘s the intolerance. John Gibson, today‘s worst person in the world.

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