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In the comments at Howard-Empowered People, Anne from Vermont gave us the heads-up that Howard Dean was coming up on Hardball. Soon after that, she posted:

Whee, the scream. Hit the DNC bat!

I recalled that before the 2004 election, the DNC had individual fundraising pages. I actually had one set up myself once upon a time, but when it seemed clear to me that the DNC leadership at the time was working against Howard Dean, and therefore against we, the people, I quickly lost interest in supporting that sort of organization.

But now, with our Howard as chair of the DNC, I wanted to be able to show that we have his back. That’s why I added the “Buy Democracy Bonds” link in the sidebar. Not everybody here is on board for supporting the DNC, and I respect and understand that. But, for those of us who do want to support Howard Dean in this particular way, I felt like there should be a way to tag contributions as coming from us.
Shortly after reading Anne’s comment, I was clicking around online and found the Act Blue web site. I don’t know how I’d forgotten about that, but it’s perfect for what I was looking for. So I set up a page for us, and asked Demetrius to update one of his images from People-Powered Graphics.

Look for a smaller version of this in its permanent location in the right sidebar here.

Feel free to give it a swing when our Chair is being maligned for his incessant truthtelling.

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