I posted a remedy for sinus headache last night (see below) and it occurred to me that because so many posters here are ladies, some who are always right, that it is quite possible that many of them also have home remedies, and a diary on the subject would have interesting google blowback.

So I will start, with these home remedies. Please add your favorites, or feel free to tell me that mine do not work, and I will graciously explain what you did wrong. Here are some of my favorite home remedies:

Take a tomato, cut off a piece, and tie it to the burn, cut side down. Leave it there.


Put a spider web on the place that is bleeding

Sinus Headaches

Take some dry powdered ginger, make a paste with water. Smear it all over your forehead. When it dries and starts to flake off, hold your head over the sink and rub gently till it comes off, then smear more ginger paste.

High Blood Pressure

Eat a green papaya

Hiccuping Baby

Take a magic marker, lipstick or kumkum paste and make a red mark on the baby’s forehead.


Watch The Beverly Hillbillies


Play the overture of Nabucco


Have someone blow tobacco smoke into the affected ear.


Smell dirt.

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