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He had to go, he was black

It appears that the divisive wing of extremists in the Republican party are surging in their desire to clean up America.  If you want to hate those who are sexually, racially, ethnically or religiously different than you, please call the extremist religious/sexual/ethnic cleansing wing of the GOP, because they want you.

For all intents and purposes they have shocked and awed Jesus right out of Christianity as they practice it.  

I wonder if Jesus is weeping?

I believe that Great Spirit is saddened by the hatred and bigotry that these people display on a daily basis.

Racism alleged in dismissal

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
By JEFFREY MIZE, Columbian staff writer

RIDGEFIELD — An attorney representing a Ridgefield police officer contends his client was fired seven weeks ago because he is black.

Police Chief Bruce Hall fired Officer Carl Mealing on Sept. 28, reportedly after being repeatedly pressured by City Manager George Fox to dismiss Mealing.


“In early August, I was called into my city manager’s office, George Fox,” Hall said in his deposition. “He had a discussion with me, kind of out of the blue, that had to do with Officer Mealing, and the conversation started out that Officer Mealing is scary, people are afraid of him, he’s creepy.”

Which means he was a nigger

According to the deposition, Hall said Fox continued that conversation.

“And then he said to me, ‘Carl needs to go. Carl needs to be fired. He needs to be let go,’ ” Hall said in his deposition.

“Was I told by my direct supervisor to fire him? Yes. I was told that we can fire him at anytime because we don’t like the color of his tie. I mentioned to him we can’t fire someone because of the color of their skin, and he told me to fire him.”

Hall, reached by phone Tuesday evening, said he was satisfied with Mealing’s job performance and still doesn’t know why he was told to fire the officer.


Attorney Trumble’s brief also includes excerpts from a deposition given by Ridgefield resident Jaclyn Emter, who said City Manager Fox told her Oct. 2 that he fired Mealing the previous week.

“I said, ‘Well, why did you fire him?’ ” Emter said in her deposition, according to Trumble’s legal brief. “And he said, ‘Because he’s black.’ “

Trumble, in his brief, called Fox’s conduct “outrageous, illegal and morally repugnant.”

Trumble, when reached by phone Tuesday, declined to comment on the case, except to say that the city should not release records in the pending matter.

The allegations of racism could result in a civil rights lawsuit being filed against the city of Ridgefield in federal court.

Fliers scattered in the city express support for official accused of racism

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