Hi everybody! My name is spiderleaf and I am forming my own clique here at BooTrib… why you may ask? Well because currently I am not a member of any of the multitudes of cliques on this site and it’s pissing me off… so I figured it’s best to just take the initiative and start my own… be the change you seek and all…

So… what are some of the benefits of joining my clique? Ummmm… hmmmm… not quite sure yet, but I do promise to always hand out 4’s… well… unless you piss me off and then I’ll just not rate you at all… this may not seem like much of a benefit, but trust me, you’ll thank me when I just respond to one of your comments and not give you a 0, call you an asshole and walk away…

Other than that, I’ll have to work on it and get back to you…

Now on to the responsibilities and rules associated with the clique of spiderleaf…

  1. I am always right… except when I’m wrong…
  2. If I’m wrong, please argue with me… but don’t call me a name or I will be forced to respond in kind… or just walk away and go watch some hockey or move into a different thread… depends on the Maple Leafs schedule actually… maybe I’ll post that too so you can all know what to expect
  3. You must recommend all of my diaries… unless you don’t think they’re very good (not likely, but just in case)
  4. You must respond to all my comments with a “thank you oh wise one”… unless all I’ve posted is a picture of Damian Marley and a bottle of Red Stripe… in which case a 4 is the more appropriate action
  5. If I ask you to troll rate me DON’T DO IT (well, unless you are Anomalous… always an exception to the rules you see…)
  6. When referring to Markos, you must call him “Kostradamos”… but put a smiley face beside it and be glad we aren’t forced to post on LGF or FreepRepublic… and that no one forces anyone to post on the Orange site… (especially not if you’ve been banned, which I am sorry about, but as I’m not all powerful I can’t really help you out…) or here (well, except for members of the clique of spiderleaf…)
  7. Conspiracy theories are your friend… especially ones involving the Illuminati (well, that’s just my own personal obsession, you are free to find your own of course…)
  8. Ductapefatwa is our patron saint… unless he’s being cranky in which case please just read his words, take them in and then move on… we all have something to learn from those who speak uncomfortable truths
  9. Bushco is the enemy… our fellow posters are not

And the last, but the most important one is this…

Read these two diaries and take them to heart… or don’t… not really a hard and fast rule or anything… just a suggestion… (darn, it’s hard making up rules for my clique, maybe I should have given this all some more thought…)

The Two Wolves Within and Tumbling Waters

And while you’re at it please consider reading On Community Conflicts as well.

Oh… one final thought… since this is a “kinder, gentler” clique, please add your own suggestions for rules (or benefits… I actually think I need the most help with those…) in the comments (keeping in mind of course that this is my clique and I’d appreciate if it had something to do with me… or not, I’m a benevolent dictator you see… 😉

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