Bush’s approval ratings are on the rise. Up 5%, to 40$ approval. I have noticed that the New York Times has replaced Judy Miller with more Judy Millers.


President George W. Bush’s approval rating improved markedly in the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll, apparently because of Americans’ better attitudes toward the economy.

We are hearing old good news. Schools are being built in Najaf and Mosul. Fox news spent and entire Saturday night with a 2-hour presentation of “Iraq the Untold Story”.

Karl Rove is still free in spite of his obvious perjury and making plenty of mischief.. Congressmen are taking bribes, people are being tortured and kidnapped. It’s all out in the open and no one is connecting any threads in the media in this pattern of bribery, murder and lies. The reason it seems, is, the government and the press are no longer separate. It is in fact a government-controlled press. It is control through intimidation and threat to limit access of the reporters to the news. 90 percent of the news comes from government sources. They reporters are complying. The New York Times is now a propaganda arm of the government with daily reports of the ‘good news” from Iraq.

Maureen Dowd is even afraid apparently to take the bull by the horns. No columnist I have read have written anything against their own paper and it seems not too many other columnists in competing papers have written critically about each other as in the case of Bob Woodward.

Lots of people are being indicted but these crimes are presented as isolated and not connected. The news is schizophrenic.

Although recent past polls have suggested that people’s attitudes may have changed about Bush, lately in a negative fashion, they have not changed as much about their representatives. Representative who, by and large, have supported Bush on Iraq.

the poll suggested that Republicans are not wrong to emphasize highly localized races focused on the strengths and familiarity of their incumbents. Sixty percent said they approved of their own representative’s job performance, while 24 percent disapproved.

It appears much of the American public is still staunchly Republican. It also appears that Americans are easily manipulated through press coverage. Americans simply respond to the directions the news gives them in robot fashion, showing little or no skepticism and or interest.
The exceptions are not covered by the news as we all know.

It seems Americans are overly medicated, they have been sedated by the Pharmaceutical industry and seduced by the Government News, Industrial Complex.

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