I am writing this at 2:00 AM because I just have to get this out and then go to bed.
I am herewith taking a break from this site and resigning from hosting the FBC.  Volunteers will be needed so please sign up there.
I don’t know when I will be back, but I will at some point stop in and say hi in the FBC.
I think I have had too much of political blogs and just cannot go on, I am very tired and need to focus on my real life.
I will miss so many of you, but I can be found on my site, so you know where I am.
I hold no hard feeling for anyone, just tired of all the stuff that goes on, or maybe I am just not cut out for political blog.
Enough said, I wish you all and this site well but now it’s time for me to go on to other things and to bed.

I wrote the following in a comment below, but I want you to read this first, so I am copying it here…

Hi everyone, first thanks for all your kind words….I have the best thoughts for all of you..
I want to make clear that it is me who needs a break I am not closing the door, but I have to shake negativity off my back and live in the positive world.
I will be back you know in some way or other, and heck I am just a click away…

I want this site to go and you all to go on and return this site to the happy days we used to have…I have every respect for Booman, susan, and oh sooooo many of you and I just really do love you.
Please do not take this all in a bad way, sometimes there are just things you have to do to take care of yourself and that is all I am doing.
I gave you the cafe and I leave you with it, it’s a beautiful place and a beautiful concept so do by all means keep it going and I think it will be just great to have a lot of different people taking a hand at the hosting of the cafe.
Please do all be extra especially nice to susan and boo for they are going through some tough times and really need all of your support.
Please do not consider leaving the site for me, that would make me terribly sad.

Please also understand that I have put the disagreements behind me, I am in a very happy place and state of mind and I wish you all the same.
Can I be any more gushy, well maybe, hugggggs to all,,,,love to alllllllllll….This whole experience on Booman has been a great one with few exceptions, and I will always treasure those and add to them in the near future.
Many of you know I am engaged in a great big moving project that will extend over this month and into the next, so much of my time will be occupied with that.
I ‘ll stop in to say hi, whenever I get the chance, in the cafe, soooo…..it’s sure not good by, but just a break and a mere second in the history of time.
Carry on all you good folks and know that even if I am not posting I will still be checking out the site, oh lurk mode here.
Hey I am not afraid to post or participate if I feel like it when I have some time and a tiny bit of distance.
Love, Love, Love you all…

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