The man, Rigoberto Alpizar, 44, who reportedly resides in Central Florida, claimed to have a bomb inside his carry-on. He was shot and killed when he refused orders to get on the ground, instead reaching inside his bag.

His wife claims he was mentally ill and had not taken his medication.

Federal Air Marshal spokesman David Adams recounted reports that the passenger argued with his wife during the Medellin-Miami leg of the flight, Herald news partner WFOR-CBS4 broadcast.Miami Herald

Authorities have exploded three pieces of luggage on the tarmac next to Gate D nearby the evacuated American Airlines flight 924 from Medellin, Colombia to Orlando.
Homeland Security spokesman, Brian Doyle said,

It was the first time since the Sept. 11 attacks that an air marshal had shot at anyone.Raw Story

Luggage was spread across the tarmac to allow bomb-sniffing dogs to investigate.

I’m watching out of the corner of my eye various local TV news broadcasts.  Some are showing live video of a man in heavy gear crouching next to a bag.  Previously I watched as a bag was blown to smithereens on the rain-wet tarmac.  It and this

one appear to be carry-on type luggage.

The last time I watched luggage get “offed” was in the international terminal awaiting my flight from Paris after a month of uneventful pleasure.  At that time, while the gendarmes were dead serious about exploding unattended luggage, the other officials who were keeping us safely back from the action were making jokes about ladies underwear flying through the air.

It’s not the wise thing to speculate about at this time, but I have a sinking feeling that this is probably a tragic mistake.

First official word from news conference @ 6:00PM EST summarized:
Jame E Bauer, Spe. Agent in Charge did most of the talking. (I paraphrase as close to direct quoting as possible.)

Incident occurred at 2:10 PM. The victim was confronted by A.M, remained non-compliant, shots fired. He is deceased.

FBI has jurisdiction to determine if terrorist nexus exists.

Deceased’s effects were examined and no explosives were found.

No reason to believe terrist-linked; an isolated event.

Bobby Parker, Dir. M/Dade Police:

Airline and baggage are secure.

Back to SA Bauer:

Man flew out from Quito, Ecuador this morning. Cleared custome here in Miami. He was holding a backpack when he uttered threat that he had a bomb. Believed to be traveling with his wife.

Andy Apolleny, FBI:

I don’t see nexus to terrorism. Incident began inside the aircraft. No comments to question how many shots fired.

Back to SA Bauer:

When asked what is the protocol for AMs to shoot, said, “Not going to crawl into the law books right now.”

Two AMs assigned to flight.

When asked if man made threat in English or Spanish, no answer.

(X-posted Daily Kos)

Lots of questions hurled at officials went unanswered as investigation not complete, facts not known. That’s all.

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