The 12 Days for Justice are planned actions for protesting Alito’s nomination for the Supreme Court.

Congress reconvenes this Mon., Dec. 12. They will stay in session until work is completed.

Would you be able to write a letter we can all use to send to senators and the Judiciary Committee?

The following is the plan.
Each diary is posted the day before it is to be used, titled: “Diary for Justice – Day __”

Day 1 is Dec. 12th, so the diary with the letter (and graphic?) would be posted on Dec. 11th.

Links to resources are available in 2 previous diaries “here” and “here”.

Day 1(posted 12/11; sent 12/12): A warning to Congress that Alito is a threat to them, weakening checks and balances. It’s personal!

Day 2 (posted 12/12; sent 12/13): age discrimination/ Family Leave Act

Day 3 (posted 12/13; sent 12/14): Alito’s failure to recuse – trust him now?

Day 4 (posted 12/14; sent 12/15): threat to people with disabilities

Day 5 (posted 12/15; sent 12/16): Roe v. Wade. Connecticut Man 1 has one ready to go. Check it out in the comments “here”

Day 6 and 7 (posted 12/16; sent 12/17): separation of church and state/religious freedom

Day 8 (posted 12/17; sent 12/19): Alito’s membership in CAP (Concerned Alumni of Princeton). Teacher Toni is willing to do this one.

Day 9 (posted 12/19; sent 12/20): racial discrimination related to Alito’s court opinions. BostonJoe offered to help. I gave him this one.

Day 10 (posted 12/20; sent 12/21): gender discrimination related to Alito’s court opinions.

Day 11 (posted 12/21; sent 12/22): enivroment/immigration/worker’s rights. Man Eegee has volunteered to write this one.

Day 12 (posted 12/22; sent 12/23) a concluding message of some kind. Just Say, “No?” “We’ll be watching?”

As to coordinating with other blogs, your call.

I read in Think Progress conservatives are using the weekend to begin a campaign: Anti-Alito=Anti-God and they are calling him the “Christmas Candidate.” (Don’t they ever rest?)

Thanks to all of you.

I must be off to work. I will check in later.

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