I recently read an opinion column started thus:

When I reached the legal voting age of 21 in 1936, I voted for Republican Alfred Landon against Franklin D. Roosevelt. I continued voting Republican through 1980, when I founded a PAC in San Diego with my own money to help Ronald Reagan defeat Jimmy Carter.

And ended like this:

In view of his miserable record, his arrogant lack of good judgment and his failure to understand the gravity of his record, President Bush (and Vice President Dick Cheney) should be shown the exit door with a proviso to never darken the Oval Office again.

Here’s the complete column: Mr. Bush, have I got an exit strategy for you

Wow.  But it isn’t the first time I’ve heard the opinion expressed that today’s Republican party has all but abandon it’s roots. And I’ve heard similar complaints (from Republican I would assume) that the neocons and radical religious right have hijacked the Republican party.

So what?  More on the flip…
I certainly agree that political parties tend to swing more right or left depending on the mode of the nation, but it would seem that the current crop of Republicans have moved in a new and disturbing direction.  Gus Stelzer, I’m sure represents the tip of an iceberg – there are a large and growing number of Republicans who are becoming alarmed and concerned.  They are seeing a party composed of leaders who shirk duty, tarnish honor and place themselves above their country.

What has been most appalling to me is that Bush says things which are flat out lies.  The man isn’t dumb, he’s gotta know he’s taken the Presidency to a moral dead zone, but I’m certain there’s a large percentage of Republicans who accept what he has said because they remain blissfully unaware that their party has been hijacked by pod people.

How do we help the Gus Stelzers of the Republican party?  Or should we even try?  I believe that we MUST continue to point out the moral abyss that the current Republican party is flushing itself down.  The level of rancor, corruption and resulting political polarization which they have sown into the political process like so many poison apples is dragging everyone and everything it touches into the gutter.

I applaud Gus for speaking out, it’s long overdue.  But it’s time for Gus (and everyone like him) to do even more.  It’s time for you to help us get our country back.

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