[I invited Rob to cross-post his diary here because I had a hunch that many of you would also be intrigued by what it takes to create a “green house.” Doubtless, you have many good ideas to share. This is the first in Rob’s series. – susanhu]

Cross-posted at daily kos

Don’t be fooled–my name actually is Robert Green.  I live in Southern California, where the sun shines most of the time.  I live in a two bedroom house but now have two young children, so the time has come to redo this house so that 5 people (I have a live in au pair as well) can live comfortably.  And now I have a chance to put some of my ideas about sustainable living into practice.
The intention of this diary series is twofold.  I intend to put information out to the Kos community about what can be done to make a house “green”, and to get information back on systems or ideas i may have missed.

I also want everyone to be aware that I have the resources to do this in whatever way works best.  I’m not particularly constrained by financial choice, at least not as much as many other members of the community may be.  10 years of tearing my soul out working in Hollywood (and a talented and successful spouse) have made this possible.  but, much like the brilliant Alpha Geek diary on earthquake preparedness, when possible i will give multiple solutions to the same problem with different price ranges.

There are two reasons for all this–one is the sheer possibility of doing something good.  the second relates to a trip i took down to La Jolla with my wife and children.  La Jolla, for those who haven’t been there, is a particularly beautiful place, with rolling hills and the ocean right there with a huge bay.  It is also full of new tract housing, the fancy expensive kind.  It has probably 350 days of sunshine a year as well.  As i drove by all those houses, i saw not a single solar panel.  This was just too depressing to contemplate, in a James Kuntsler kind of way.  I’m extremely motivated, therefore, to do this and do it right.  I’ll be back in the next day or two with specs on the current house, and what i intend to do with the remodel.

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