the repubbblican national committee has just released a new commercial basically calling the democrats cowards. cybercast news service:

the 60-second ad includes recent comments made by prominent democrats, including democratic national committee chairman howard dean and sens. barbara boxer (calif.) and john kerry (mass.).

a white flag, symbolizing surrender, waves across each of their faces before they speak about the war.

and what do the democrats do about it? change the subject.  we expound further after the jump:
terry mcauliffe, former dnc chairman, on wolf blitzer tonight! does an admirable job of not addressing this issue [ed. note: all emphasis, but none of the stupidity, ours]:

wolf blitzer: joining us here, the former democratic national committee chairman terry mcauliffe and republican strategist ed rogers.

guys, thanks very much for joining us. it’s raising a white flag. you saw that rnc ad. it makes you guys look like a bunch of cowards.

terry mcauliffe, former dnc chairman: well, first of all, this is a little web video by the rnc. the question i have is that republican senator chuck hagel, republican senator john mccain, have said it’s not working in iraq. so is the next video going to be john mccain with a white flag? it going to be chuck hagel with a white flag?

so, instead of addressing the actual accusation of dem cowardice, terry simply asks (and politely, we might add) if two repubbblicans also deserve a “white flag.”

we don’t know about you, but if someone called us cowards, we wouldn’t refer to the “rubber v. glue” argument.  we’d actually bring up facts.  more on this later.

then, on the same program, after wolf “how’s my beard” blitzer manages to make howard dean the subject of the conversation, terry has smoke blown up his ass by repubbb ed rogers:

blitzer: … go to the rnc web site and look at it all day. let’s talk a little bit about your successor, howard dean. you had a different style when you were the party chairman.

rogers: and effective style.

mcauliffe: thank you, ed

rogers: i’ll say what terry can’t. he’s a marginalized figure, he’s not raising the money. at the end of the day, that’s a big part of how you keep score for being a party chairman. no matter what you say about terry mcauliffe, at the end of the day, he brought in the money. dean’s not doing that. plus, he’s saying all this crazy stuff. he’s not going to be there in ’08. he’s not going to make it.

at this juncture, we have to point out that all three gentlemen let that false meme ride. of course, the repubbs have a reason for letting dean look weak, and since it’s mcauliffe’s own record at stake, we can understand why he let the falsehood lay on the floor without correcting it.

but, as chris bowers pointed out, dean actually cut the repubbb fundraising advantage from 3:1 under mcauliffe to 2:1, and kos tells us howard outraised terry by $11 mill compared to the same point in the previous cycle.

wolfie, aren’t you supposed to be a journalist?

however, we digress from our original premise, ie, democrats are stupid. here’s why we suggest such a radical idea: the repubbbs have once again handed the dems an opportunity to slap the gop down with their own words and tactics.  and, we doubt that they will seize it.

the easiest and sanest way to counter an ad like the white flag spot the rnc is running is to simply run one that lists the truth. for example:

open on a television set sitting in a black, dimly-lit room. the rnc “white flag” ad begins to appear on the set.

announcer: you’ve seen the republican ad implying the democrats are cowards. let’s look at the record, shall we?

the words and statistics appear superimposed over the dark room as the announcer lists them, one by one.

announcer: paul wolfowitz – never served. andy card – never served. karl rove – never served. rush limbaugh – medical deferment, due to anal cyst. tom delay – never served. dennis hastert – medical deferment, due to bad knees. sean hannity – never served. bill o’reilly – never served. dick cheney – never served, thanks to five deferments. george w. bush – spent viet nam years in texas, serving in the air national guard, without reporting for duty for his alabama assignment.

the announcer’s voice grows softer and under, as a new announcer intones:

2nd announcer: who are the real cowards?

fade out

but the dems won’t do that.

they’re stupid.

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