Heros come and go…and one man’s hero may be another man’s Ho!Ho!Ho!.

If anything good has come from the FEMA disaster in New Orleans for me, at least, it has been that I’ve picked up a new hero: Ben Marble, MD.

Ben Marble is the physician who pedaled by Mr. Dick Cheney and so pointedly said, on national television, “Go Fuck Yourself, Mr. Cheney, Go fuck yourself.”

Ever since then, he’s been my hero.
And now I see that Dr. Marble is truly living up to the larger-than-life, let’s-get-fucking-real-heroic image I have of him in my mind.

He has established a KATRINASANTA fund and posted a call for contributions on Rob Kall’s OpEdNews site

Here is the full text of his call:

Have Hurricane Katrina’s ’15 minutes’ ended? Me thinks NOT! With literally thousands of people still living in TENTS in the cold weather many Katrina survivors are looking at a bleak Christmas this year. So I have been trying to think of a way to do my part to help and so that is why I created WWW.KATRINASANTA.COM

The idea is to connect Katrina victims with those who would like to help out. We have already identified over 80 children in need in Hancock County, Ms. and are in the process of searching for more. Of course once we can get addresses/gift requests for those people we will need some KATRINA SANTA’s to help out.

I have people helping to find the names/addresses/gift requests for those in need so now I need help spreading the word via the MEDIA i.e. that is why I am contacting YOU.

Please, I can assure you that words do not do justice to what is happening down here in the aftermath of Katrina and so I would emplore you to help fulfill the requests of these Americans in need so they can at least have one day of hope i.e. a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ben Marble, M.D.
ps I have faith that YOU will NOT be the GRINCH 😉

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