He was 89 years old. This after, just moments ago, CNN also announced that Richard Pryor died at age 65 of cardiac arrest, after battling multiple sclerosis for years.

Eugene McCarthy. Where to start … well, I worked on his campaign. Until I heard Robert Kennedy speak, in person, in Seattle. And I was touched when I recently heard Seymour Hersh say that he dropped out of journalism for a while to work on McCarthy’s campaign. That’s just how important McCarthy’s campaign was to Hersh and to so many of us. There was, just to begin the list, the courage it took for a Democratic U.S. Senator, to run against a sitting president (Lyndon Baines Johnson) who was also a Democrat.

Please share your thoughts and memories.

Update [2005-12-11 14:39:34 by susanhu]: CSPAN2 is replaying a 2001 interview with Eugene McCarthy. It’s hilarious and wonderful.

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