DFA is going to deliver your message to Senator Lieberman, hand delivered by Jim Dean. Some have suggested that the message is too tame, but the personal notes from 40K people seem quite direct to me.  
Add your voice and read some of the message below the fold….

  Have you told Joe yet?

    This is getting exciting. The Hartford Courant, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the Associated Press have all taken notice. Nearly 40,000 patriots have co-signed Jim Dean’s letter to Sen. Lieberman –telling Joe that we won’t be muzzled.

    Here are few of the personal post scripts from across the country:

        Sen. Lieberman, you have always had my respect. I believe that it is our duty to show the world that we still cherish our right to challenge our leaders to find a better way to tackle terrorism. Let us all accept the blame together, and make a better moral decision-TOGETHER! –Airie, FL

        You are some piece of work, pal. Dissent seemed to be just fine with you when Clinton was president. –Kirsten, CA

        You are out of touch with the majority of Democrats, the majority of the American people, and the majority of the world at large. Its time to start paying attention to what is going on! –Jennifer, IL

        Please encourage open discussion, not discourage it. –Joanne, IA

    And a couple more from Connecticut:

        Please stop telling us to quietly accept a mistaken Iraqi policy. American credibility and lives are far more important than George W. Bush’s credibility which he alone is responsible for. Return to your senses and let us find a solution to this disastrous ideological mistake that is killing our children and bankrupting America. –Trinidad, CT

        In regards to the war in Iraq, you have a blind spot that is truly alarming. To ask us Democrats (who are Americans, incidentally) to essentially shut our mouths for 3 more years while this country continues a reckless & flawed war is an outrage. I’m not entirely certain what your agenda is but I certainly know mine & it will be reflected come next election. –Jack, CT

    Jim Dean will deliver the letter –with all of the personal post scripts –to Sen. Lieberman’s office in Hartford on Tuesday. Sign on and send your message to Joe today!

    (posted by Tom Hughes)

    here is the link to BlogforAmerica

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