I know that’ll piss off his dog Rex. But I want to celebrate his master Bob tonight!

Who else could have given us the KEY documents so soon after the NYT article?

Official National Security Agency (NSA) logs on my calls and e-mails


Official: Bush authorized spying multiple times

NEW YORK – President Bush has personally authorized a secretive eavesdropping program in the United States more than three dozen times since October 2001, a senior intelligence official said Friday night.

Friends in high places. I have a few. One of them managed to get me the NSA logs of my e-mail and phone conversations dating from early 2002.

A sampling…

Who else could have written, back in March 2005 — at the height of the baseball steroid frenzy — the following:

My latest confession

I‘ve used steroids.

I continue to use steroids.

I use them to improve my writing.  I‘ve noticed that since I‘ve been using steroids, my commas are thicker, heavier.  My CAPITAL LETTERS are more firm and beefy.  My sentences are stronger.

Do I know the risks?  Of course I do.  But being the best writer I can be is important to me.  That’s why I went before Congress yesterday to testify about my use of steroids.

Read the transcript, below. …

Or this?

Year 2068: I’m dead. Terry Schiavo still alive.

For some reason, my crystal ball — which has been on the fritz ever since it predicted a Howard Dean victory in  the Democratic presidential race — started working perfectly again today.

Suddenly, what appeared was a vision of the future.  A calendar indicated the year to be 2068.  The vision started at a graveyard… desolate, dark, covered in weeds.

Finally, a tombstone came cleary into focus:

                        Bob Johnson
                   “He wrote stupid stuff”

Read more

Or last month’s “Woodward to Become Own ‘Deep Throat’; Sell Book, Movie Rights for Millions” at DKos.

Anyone else want to share more of Bob? Here’s his blog link and here’s the link to his DKos diaries. Or add your own?

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