I feel special! I got another piece of hate mail today! Probably in response to “The Wizard of Oil”, but the author doesn’t say… I’m very thankful that my site is being visited now… I’ve been averaging 300 or so hits per day over the last week!

This is only the second piece of hate e-mail that I’ve ever received, so I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a groundswell! This is what “Mary” had to say:

“Yes you’re right. I’m enlightened that there are still idiots that spew this garbage and give aid and comfort to the enemy. You should join up with Jane Fonda. I’ve never seen a site with so much garbage and trash as yours. You should be arrested.”

{My hit counter says “You are enlightened one number …”}

This was my response to “Mary”…


Sincerely, thank you for taking the time to express your opinion! I do listen to all criticism openly and honestly, and you seem to be very passionate about your opinions.

I am disturbed, however, that you believe me to be giving, as you say, “aid and comfort to the enemy”. If you could be a little more specific as to the nature and identity of this “enemy” and how you feel that I am providing “aid and comfort”, it would be greatly appreciated, and perhaps then I might be able to adjust myself accordingly.

As to “joining up with Jane Fonda”, I’ll have to admit that this does not sound too appealing to me. Some of her politics I sometimes have a little trouble with… for instance, I am very pro Nuclear Power, and I found her performance in “China Syndrome” a little too critical of the nuclear industry for my taste… but that’s just me. I hear that she’s excellent in her latest flick “Monster-in-Law”, though.

You and I are in agreement, however, on one thing… I get the impression that you care passionately about America, just as I do! I know it’s a big assumption, but I’m assuming that you mean when you say, “You should be arrested”, that it is over concerns over National Security. Is this the case? If so, I must insist that you immediately forward a link to my website to the FBI, NSA, or Homeland Security … here are their respective websites: FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security if this is of any help.

Mary, I hate to say this, but I feel that I must insist that you act accordingly on this, or I may, in turn, be forced to forward your email to the FBI and NSA. If you have evidence of what you feel is potential terrorist activity, you must act NOW. This is not something to be joking about. If you do not, I will then be forced to turn you in…

If you are worried that something bad might happen to me, because of your actions, don’t. Rest assured, given the revelations of President Bush in the last couple of days in regards to intrusions upon our civil liberties, I find it highly likely that my Website and I have already been investigated many, many times and found to be harmless, but stupid. Do your duty now! Please don’t make me have to turn you into Homeland Security.



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