(inspired by the Washington Post’s John Harris and his overblown concern over the classification of colleague Dan Froomkin’s column)

A Washington Post spokesperson announced today that a strategic agreement has been reached between the newspaper and The White House.

“This (alliance) will allow the Post complete and unfettered access to the ‘White House Daily Talking Points’ so that we can be fair, accurate and harmonic in our coverage,
The spokesperson refused comment when asked if there was any truth to the report that the newspaper pressed for this association after Judith Miller turned down the Post’s offer to join forces with Bob Woodward in what would have been know as ‘The WP Super Duper, Double Secret, Fingers Crossed Behind The Back Steno Pool.’

When pressed about the benefits of such a partnership with the WH, the spokesperson responded: “Our ace access man and dutiful transcriber Bob Woodward isn’t getting any younger and we thought it important to have a backup plan in place.”

He went on to add that “such an accord would not have been possible with that hillbilly from the hinterlands, (President Bush’s predecessor) Billy Clinton, because we prefer a stiff upper lip rather than a stiff…well, you know.”

When President Bush was asked later in the day about the pact, he responded: “What’s the Washington Post?”

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