Big fuss about “turning” Abramoff.

Big fuss about Delay.

Big fuss about Butch and “his” wiretaps.

Big deal.

Abramoff and the rest…right on up to the White House…are just a SNAPSHOT of business as usual here in America today.

Read on.
I hope they take Abramoff down.

I hope he brings another 20 or 30 big fish down with him.

But until we reform the entire system…the whole kleptocracy, top to bottom…it will mean very little in the long run.

How many mob bosses have been brought down since the 1930s? Do you think that those interests (and of course their multinational successors) do not still have a stranglehold on large parts of this economy? “We’re bigger than General Motors” said the Meyer Lansky character in “The Godfather”. Well, they are bigger than THAT, now, after all of the so-called fixes. And yet “they” are only a small part of this kleptocracy. Like all immigrant-run enterprises here, they get to collect the garbage and clean the shithouse. The REAL gangsters work on Wall Street.

Bet on it.

And in Washington DC.

They “took down” Enron.

Do you really think that it made a fart’s worth of difference to the ill wind that is running…and ruining…this country?

Checked YOUR pension lately?

Oppose the NYC transit strike, do you? A bunch of workers resisting the billionaires’ plan to run the unsightly working classes as far away from the center of the city as they can possiblly be run, to servants’ quarters up in the attic of the area, out beyond the furthest boroughs so that they can sell shit apartments for millions to media-hypnotized front runners and impotent “Sex In The City’ fans who are willing to sell their very ASS for an apartment that is convenient to the latest NY Times-hyped nightspot or restaurant?

Wake the fuck up.

Read this post over at Rigorous Intuition.

The Cocaine Coup and the Coca Revolution

Read this speech that Evo Morales, the new, indigenous leader of Bolivia made a couple of years ago.

The rot goes right on through this country. And the Third World has had enough. It really has. We can keep running the same rear guard “Offense is the best defense” game, but we are getting progressively worse and worse results every time we run it. Pretty soon the string is going to run out if we do not wise up.

Sure…bring down Abramoff. ANOTHER non-Northern European crook. BUT BRING DOWN ALL OF BUSHCO TOO. And while you are at it…be careful of “opposition” figures with names like Rockefeller. The rot starts at the root, and the robber barons of the 19th century ARE the root.

INCLUDING the Bushes.

Don’t celebrate too quickly. If the NEXT power center that takes control of this government tries to run the same economic imperialist game by different means…it’s just “Compassionate Conservatism” v.2.

A kinder, gentler mob boss.

“Why…we was just doin’ it for da NEIGHBORHOOD!!!”



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