Trying to google for information on the actual budget cuts that went down with Cheney casting the deciding vote, was to wade through a plethera, everywhere I went, on articles on the spying of America.

I take it as a compliment if this administration decided to spy on me.
Now I am not against the posting of articles and information on this unfolding spygate. It must be exposed, and frankly, I would be disappointed if the group I belong to, involved as we are in the preservation of public housing, aren’t on their lists.

Let them spy, as we have nothing to hide.

What is flying somewhat under the radar, is the rape of the lower and middle classes. Did anyone watch Frontline the other night, on the deceptive practices of banks and their credit cards?

I oppose the recent,  inhumane cuts to the budget, and I oppose the corporate sponsored,  vicious attacks on the working poor of this country, and the working poor of Iraq.

Did you hear that the government of Iraq raised the price of heating oil in that country, sparking demonstrations and riots?

We ought to stand in solidarity with the working poor of Iraq, because they are facing a push by this administration to privatize their economy and bring them into the free market system, never mind the cost to actual human beings.

I oppose the recent budget cuts that will target the working poor, in a vicious and inhumane manner, and increase the worries and problems for American families all across this nation.

Some of those cuts are:

“The conference report cuts $2.6 billion from programs serving single-parent families, foster children, and low-income elderly and disabled individuals. These cuts consist of 1$1.5 billion from child support enforcement, $343 million from foster care programs, and $732 million from Supplemental Security income for the elderly and disabled.”

“The conference report cuts Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by $6.9 billion, including harmful increases in cost-sharing and premiums that are structured slightly different than the House bill, but that impose even larger burdens on beneficiaries.”

“The conference report cuts important farm bill conservation programs by $934 million over five years.”

At a time when the availability of adequate housing is in crisis in the gulf states, the budget “saves $230 million by eliminating mandatory spending and requiring annual appropriations for certain activities carried out by the Department of Housing and Urban Development with regard to properties in mortgage default.”

If y’all can find additional information as to what has actually been cut, please post. There is little being written about this,

I’m encouraged by the attention, at least on the blogs, to the New York transit strike. This is really going to test the mettle of those in New York committed to economic justice.

The wealthy elite who profit from the labor of the lower and middle classes are just loving this unfolding spygate that is sopping the attention and the energy of activists like a brand new sponge. Why? Because it diverts attention and energy away from the continued whittling away of basic humane services that help our most vulnerable, which increasingly includes middle class families.

It diverts attention away from the consolidation of economic resources, ever more in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

They don’t mind if a few of their own are sacrificed to the unfolding scandals. What they would mind is if Americans actually began to speak and shout about the disproportionate sharing and distribution of economic resources in this country, and its real life effects on people.

They would really begin to be aggravated if people began to question the ability of a so-called free market system to deal with the ravages of several hurricanes in just a couple of years.

Are a hungry people more likely to revolt, or less likely?

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