The following is ever so fitting for these times.

I submit this as the guiding light that cloaks the cabal of Bush, Cheney, DeLay, Frist, Rove, Cunningham, Abramoff…
    “Our Lords, who art on K and Wall Streets. Hallowed be thy names. Thy financial kingdoms come. Thy wills will certainly be done so long as your monetary contributions keep us sated. In Congress as it is throughout the lands in which we have a majority. Give us this day and every day after our dose of filthy lucre. Forgive us when we cannot pass every piece of legislation to your liking. As we forgive those who lag but then make up for it in their financial largess to us. And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from the evil of ever having to earn a decent, honorable living. For thine is the true kingdom, and the real power, and the most glorious of goodies, for ever and ever. Amen.”

But a word (or more) of caution to those Democratic politicians who are licking their chops and readying to stick out both hands in an attempt to ‘even out’ the disproportionate slate of bought-and-paid-for hacks currently dominating the congressional ranks and elsewhere in this country. If you seek personal financial enrichment or possess some infantile desire for absolute domination through any and all means, then change party affiliation. You aren’t wanted. To those pols, pundits and panderers who disagree, the following applies to you:

Supporting the common good has long been the role and goal of the Democratic Party. We must, as a country, as a political party and as individuals, stop the apostasy and return to worshipping that which aids the common good.

I will only support those who take and follow through on such a pledge.

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