Sold American: The Plutocratic Pay-Off

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Here’s a cold, hard fact for you, dug up by the ever-intrepid Toledo Blade: "Since Mr. Bush took office in 2001, the federal government has awarded more than $3 billion in contracts to the President’s elite 2004 Texas fund-raisers, their businesses, and lobbying clients, a Blade investigation shows." (via Common Dreams)

And that’s just the Texas cronies – it doesn’t even cover the Wall Street bagmen, the Florida sugar daddies and all the other pay-to-play plutocrats across the country. Just think of it: $3 billion of taxpayer money funneled to Bush’s top Texas fundraisers. What a payoff! What a sweet deal! What sordid, squalid, shoved-right-in-your-face corruption!

So here’s a memo to all Americans: You think you’re living in a free country? Better disillusion yourself right now. You’ve been bought and sold, pal – bought with your own money, taken right out of your pocket and handed to some big-jowled Texas fat-cat to stash away in an off-shore tax dodge. While your highways crumble, your parks close, your factories rot, your stores are boarded up, your pensions disappear, your health costs rise, your heating bills skyrocket, your schools decay, your communities wither, and your life coarsens and declines in every direction, these back-scratching bribers and government greasemongers are living high on the hog – with your money, and your children’s money.
The Blade has more – much, much more – from the depths of this pig’s trough. (The Presidential Pipeline, a three-part series.)  Read it and weep – and rage at the mountain of stinking muck these grubby little hoods have made of our country.

Crossposted at Empire Burlesque

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