this diary is dedicated to all who suffer because of war and other disasters

we honor courage in all its forms

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Three boys stand proudly around a 120-mm mortar shell they turned in to U.S. troops in Mosul, Iraq on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2006. Iraqi and U.S. officials say a mixture of fighting, politicking, training and praying is pacifying Mosul. Children now often play in the streets, but they remain a dangerous place with unexploded ordinance.
(AP Photo/Chris Tomlinson)

for Boys
step #1: <s>don’t be mean to girls</s&gt
remember that your older brothers cousins, uncles, and your fathers are not your role models. this means you do not do what they do, you do not do what they say. They come from a time when their role models told their sons to be mean to girls, to think of yourself as better and stronger and smarter than them. They also taught things like: you will grow up strong if you act tough and fight the boys who are known as nerds and geeks.

from Kurt Cobain Journals
page 262

– – –
put a meaningful magnet on your car or metal filing cabinet

read Ilona’s important diary at MLW – Returning Vet PTSD – One Soldier’s Story as well her comprehensive series on PTSD and Iraq War vets.

view the pbs newshour silent honor roll (with thanks to jimstaro at booman.)

take a private moment to light one candle among many (with thanks to TXSharon)

support Veterans for Peace
support the Iraqi people
support the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC)
support CARE
support the victims of torture
remember the fallen
support Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors – TAPS
support Gold Star Families for Peace
support the fallen
support the troops
support Iraq Veterans Against the War
support Military families Speak Out
support the troops and the Iraqi people
read This is what John Kerry did today, the diary by lawnorder that prompted this series
read Riverbend’s Bagdhad Burning
read Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches
read Today in Iraq
witness every day

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