the skippy’s are a mixed marriage. skippy comes from a protestant background, mrs. skippy from the jewish heritage.

the result is a strange mixing of traditions this time a year. for instance, every night for 8 nights, they set a christmas tree on fire.

it is with this in mind, that we were taken aback watching the headline news network last night, which was not only christmas, but the also first night of hanukkah (the first time that’s happened since 1997).

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hnn reported on homeland security chief michael chertoff’s participation in the lighting of the national menorah in washington, dc.

we thought that was nice of headline news, to recognize the traditions of jewish americans during this time of year. but we were taken aback by the wording of the story.

the reporter said that the menorah was lit to celebrate a biblical “story” in which one day’s worth of oil “appeared” to last for eight days.

we would have no quarrel with the equivocations, if the top-down media would only do the same for christian traditions as well.

but when was the last time you heard anyone on the news describe christmas as a celebration of the “biblical story” about the birth of a child who “appeared” to be the son of god?

just wondering. pass the candy cane latkes, please.

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