We’d like to know who the Cowards are at USCIS? After getting deported by the US from Thailand, the family getting left behind, small children and their mother left to fend for themselves, we wonder who these faceless Nazis are?

Deported for Human Rights Activism. Deported because SOMETHING we were doing for the Akha hill tribe was SO important and upsetting the US SO bad that they had to tell the Thai government what to do.
Then as if that wasn’t good enough, they took 9 months and thousands of our dollars to issue the children passports. God forbid children should go to the US.

Then these frightened Cowards at USCIS and the US State Department had to be so concerned about one Akha woman and her four kids making it to the US that they tagged her visa application and it was held up for “Security Reasons”.

7 months later they rejected the visa based on “not enough evidence of marriage”.

Once again, at what levels of the State Department had our work soared that some Cowards at High Levels took such great interest to bash an Akha woman and her children and go over to USCIS and make a written order to hold up a lone Spousal Visa?

Pretty scary stuff when you rock a Coward’s world.

So who are these faceless Cowards? What are their names?

Where is their right to deny due process?

Now that we are in basic exile between Thailand and the US, not able to go back to Thailand, not able to go to the US. Kids out of school, no source of income, balancing carefully in third countries, just what hardship are such faceless Cowards authorized to impose?

I say, open the borders wide, let all of Mexico and south America into the US till there is no room left for every one of these faceless Cowards at USCIS and the US State Department. Authors of terror against the Akha, with no moral authority, racist against brown women and children, killers of the innocent with a Drug War. Murderers.

May they be held fully accountable for all their evil deeds.

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