It’s so hard to blog during this season.

My family background surrounds me with fellowship, love and joy at this time of year. To read the news, or check the blogs for the latest outrage causes major dissonance in my brain. I feel guilty when I hear that George has uttered more outrage from his podium, and then I head off to a gathering full of laughter and frivolity.


I am overcome with a stubborn need to enjoy my life. Not too much to ask, I hope. I was sitting at a table con primos y otra familia this past weekend and it was fantastic to talk a bunch of crap about memories past that are sure to cause snorting chuckles. I know that our democracy is being destroyed piece-by-piece as I am wiping the happy tears from my eyes, but in order to maintain the energy levels for the fight, I need these moments of bliss.

I find myself torn in half from this disconnect; but at the same time, I recognize that if I don’t allow some space for happiness and escape, then I will be worthless for the battles ahead. So my advice to progressives and other sane human beings who are concerned for the well-being of the United States is this:

Enjoy the time you are given to share the best parts of our common humanity; the moments of fellowship, love and joy. It gives us a resurgence of energy that reminds our souls why we fight for the health of our democracy. Sure, the Bush War Council is stinking up the joint, but if you get the chance to enter a room free of the foul stench, then live it up.

Happy Holidays to you all and may 2006 be full of victory for the forces of equality and diversity.


Crossposted from my humble blog.

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