As you are all aware, the latest controversy regarding the “War on Terror” involves a former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, and his release of documents protesting the use of “intelligence” obtained from US and UK terror suspects through the employment of torture by Uzbekistan’s secret police. The current ruler of Uzbekistan is a very nasty piece of work, Islam Karimov. A quick bio of him can be read at wikipedia, here.

A very good diary by ghandi on this subject can be found here so I won’t duplicate the information you can find there.

However, while perusing the internet I found some pictures of a man who had been tortured to death by the Karimov regime at this website (Caution: clicking on the link takes you directly to the graphic photographs) courtesy Jesus’ General. The man was apparently boiled to death after receiving various blows to his body and head, and having his fingernails removed. Photographs of his body are below the fold.

WARNING: These are graphic pictures and are not suitable for viewing by young persons. Also, if you are easily offended by such images, or in any way squeemish with respect to photographs related to the death and mutilation of human beings, I would advise you not to click on the “Read more” link below.

I am providing the images without comment for those who would like to see what sort of thugs and murderers Bush and Blair have gotten us into bed with in the name of prosecuting their “War on Terror.” The usefulness of any intelligence gained through such measures I leave to your imagination.

Update [2005-12-30 16:48:51 by Steven D]: If you are having trouble seeing the images try using a firefox browser if you are currently using internet explorer. If you only have internet explorer, then simply click on this link to the “inner frenchman” where the images are also displayed.

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