If you haven’t had a chance to read Aaron Barlow’s review of Peter Henry’s Becoming Mr. Henry at the ePMedia Journal, it asks thought provoking questions about education and education reform.

Barlow opens his review of Peter Henry’s book:  

“Teaching versus standardized testing: This seems to be one of the core conflicts in education today. Our education departments are turning out better-trained teachers than ever before, but when they get to their schools, they often find they are expected to be no more than test-preparation facilitators. With an obsession for measurement infecting every level of public-school administration, teachers are discovering that they have to teach the skills of test-taking, not those of citizenship (once the hallmark of our educational system) and critical thinking. “

This is a book whose purpose is to move discussion of education back from testing to teaching, from paper to people.

How do you remember your schooling?  By the scores on tests?  Images?  Stories?

Read the review and tell us what you think.

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