The thought just occurred to me that if W wants us to continually throw in our faces that “9-11 changed everything,” we have the perfect means in our power to de-fang this meme in 2006 and throw it back in his face.

Follow me over the jump.

Consider how the words “nigger” and “queer” have been handled by the black and gay communities.

Every time Bush or one of his minions does something evil, we respond with “What do you expect?  9-11 changed everything!”  Do it often enough and the phrase loses any punch it has with the public and conservatives.  It’s already evolved on this site into shorthand for the arrival of Big Brother.  We need to carry that concept to our conversations with fellow citizens in the real world, especially conservatives that are already starting to have cracks in their worldview.  It can be the tool with which we return responsibility and freedom to America:

Abu Ghraib?  9-11 changed everything.
Domestic wiretapping?  9-11 changed everything.
Horrendous deficits?  9-11.
Cuts to aid to the poor and student loans?  9-11.
Inept, criminal, racist Katrina response?  9-11.

Connect the dots for them.

It’s not cynicism, it’s pointing out their cynicism in running the country into the ground on the graves of the victims, their dishonoring our soldiers’ ultimate sacrifices by the way they started a war of choice for no damned good reason, their raping of the constitution at every turn.

9-11 changed everything?  Damned right it did.

9-11 was the day the thugs came out of the shadows and hijacked our nation for their profits and power grab, while in their shock and grief our countrymen were unaware.

9-11 was the opening the vipers at home were waiting for to strike.

How DARE they tell us 9-11 changed everything and then abuse it like that?

9-11 changed everything can be the petard upon which justice arrives.

As the crimes unfold in the coming new year, just throw it back in their faces:

Abramoff revelations?  Fitzmas?  Enron?

9-11 changed everything.

Too many have paid too high a price for business between the rich and the powerful to go on as usual.

They all are going down in 2006.

9-11 changed everything…
Changed everything…
Change is gonna come.
It’s on the way.
Hear the roar?
That’s a nation arising from somnolesence,
the scales falling from its eyes,
finding out it’s been had.
And it’s mad as hell.
And it’s not gonna take it anymore.

9-11 changed everything.

Happy New Year to everyone at the pond!

And it’s gonna be a happy new year.
We’ve been waiting for it, praying for it,
aching for it.

Some have died for it.

It’s coming.
It’s almost here.
You can see it now, dawning over the horizon.

And when the sun rises
then the frogs will sing.


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