Yesterday I diaried a hopeful What If. Today we’ll whip out the post New Year’s party dusty computer screen and go for the What’s Next. Even in the midst of the widespread media manipulation and collusion more Americans are disenchanted with the most corrupt and sorry ass Presidency ever. That drumbeat is getting more persistent (and Rove’s efforts to cover it up have failed thus far). America will find its voice, but it is up to people like us. Like-minded people are flocking together for reinforcement and gathering their forces. Don’t get me wrong, there’s work to do but hope is alive and change is afoot. Below the fold are four reasons why (and what you can do to fan the embers):

  1. Iraqi veterans running for Congress. This group will become the defacto voice of the troops and they are overwhelming Democratic voices. They cannot be ignored and they are running seemingly everywhere. If there is one in your district, Volunteer, now when early help counts. If there isn’t one in your district, find one that needs $ help and give. Someone here could start a candidate’s roll call, show us the way to the good ones and bring back the bats.
  2. Local action will make the difference. Take the Dean model seriously. People getting involved locally make an incredible difference. By getting involved in the local Dem party we utilize an exisitng vehicle to victory in 2006. Have a vibrant local party: volunteer. Have a dormant, boring local party? volunteer and take it over. And yes, make it the Dem party. There’s no need to pick up a shovel and start on the pile of a shit when a steam shovel is right there waiting to be inspired.
  3. The implosion of BushCo. Oh they are still riding high and pulling those media strings, they still hold the upper hand but if I were playing Texas Hold ‘Em with Karl, I’d go all in. They’re in deep doo-doo and the outlook does not look good. Indictments, investigations and Jackie A singing his final aria are but the continuation of the drumbeat of failure. What can we do besides chortle with glee? Write a LOE.
  4. The Democratic Party is finding its Voice. Actually, it is finding its Voice of many Voices. Media pundits fault it for not being like the Republicans with its daily talking points pointy headed Coulter, Limbaugh Fox headed paid shills. With Dems, there’s actually discussion, disagreement, and eventually direction in the Dem party. It’s called democracy, it’s healthy, and it works.

What’s Next? A re-vitalized Democratic party that takes Congress with a genuine reform minded freshman class who will bring credibility and accountability to the Hill. Oh, and just in case you’ve forgotten, Rep. John Conyers is in line to Chair the Judiciary Committee. We’re talking real investigations and spies will come in from the Cold. 2006 looks very good to me thank you but it depends on me, on you, and many others. There’s a grass roots movement flaming, keep looking ahead and it will be a Year to Remember. 2006 will be the year America reclaims itself. Your thoughts?

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