Various people in the media and blogosphere have been puzzled, asking why President Bush bypassed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Review Court (FISA) in obtaining domestic wiretaps and other surveillance.

The search for any sort of logic in his decision is both a worthless and incorrect approach.
That is because in his history to date, the mindset of George Bush has always simply been ‘do it,’ followed by obfuscation and dire predictions, if necessary.

His life has consisted of his id running wild, buttressed by the lack of any negative repercussions for his actions.

His decision regarding the FISA Review Court is but a continuance of a life-long arc.

Guided by primitive instinctual impulses and the requirement for immediate satisfaction, George Bush’s political and non-political time on this earth has been a version of the sophomoric ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video series. It’s ‘do whatever comes to mind’ and leave the resulting mess to be ‘handled’ by sycophants and retainers, a la the Mr. Wolf/Harvey Keitel “Pulp Fiction” character.

The pre-presidential various arrest records, the Texas National Guard service discrepancies, the reason for his short stint working with inner-city Houston youth, the issuance of a new driver’s license in 1995, you name it and enough has been swept clean. Money, power and a surname American dynasty is for whom the bell of sanitization tolls in American society.

Despite George Bush’s lame attempts to re-focus queries about earlier lapses in his personal life to the ‘more important’ question of ‘have you grown up and learned from your mistakes?’, he has never needed to come clean, let alone grown up and learned. Whitewashing, if needed, has always worked.

So why is anyone surprised about a presidential continuation of ‘Bush Gone Wild’? The FISA court turned down and modified some surveillance requests and that was enough for George Bush. Throughout his life, any question to or of him or his actions has been considered a personal affront, a challenge to his manhood that will not be unmet.

When George Bush doesn’t get his way, his response has invariably been a ‘fuck you.’

So why the surprise?

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